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The Unseen EnemyThe Unseen Enemy

Tina’s fascinating book had me gripped from start to finish events from her life could fill many books and The Unseen Enemy is hopefully the first of many.  It is filled with anecdotes that are sad, disturbing, scary and laugh-out-loud funny; Its unlike any other book that I have read. Suzanne Austin

Just finished reading the unseen enemy and I loved every minute of it.
For anybody willing to think outside the box, it opens your eyes and mind to unimaginable new worlds and takes psychic experiences to the next level. John Durkin (Psychology Student)

This book weaves an intricate web of stories that link with some deeper meaning. at times uncomfortable, scattered with funny moments but always a book you can’t put down. Andy Nicholas Karamallakis, Sweden

A couple of years ago, my friend recommended Tina and her husband Paul to help clear a heavy atmosphere in my house. I found a number of strange objects that I think were used in a black magic ritual. Tina and Paul had the most awful journey to my house and at some point they nearly turned back. It was as if something did not want them to help me. Eventually, they arrived exhausted and frustrated but determined to do what they could. It took them a couple of hours to go through the house and neutralise bad energy. My house feels peaceful and welcoming now and I enjoy spending time in it. I knew that Tina wanted to publish a book and was working hard to make it happen. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find out that Tina has succeeded and her autobiography is published now. I've enjoyed reading about her as she is a very charismatic woman with an interesting past. I have to admit - there are parts of the book I've found very scary and disturbing! Natalia Risk

I started to read Tina's book about her life's experiences and spiritual life, I did not know what to expect and so just started to read, I read it in one sitting whilst on a beach and found it in-part sad and very open, I enjoyed reading the ‘warts and all’ accounts of her life and experiences, I hope Tina will find her journey reason of her life, After reading I questioned my thoughts and experiences of my own path and through the book I identified with certain aspects, The book is like a life of pie, you will take your own judgement on the events and it will make you question aspects and events that you have experienced in the past, A very good insight into a tormented life that needs settlement. Read and be open to the words Tina writes, it is open and yearns for the reader to accept her words and realise life comes in many spheres and on many plains, A great read that made me look at myself and think about other avenues of life, J. A . Divall

I couldn’t put the book down, I found it remarkable, controversial and thought provoking; exactly what it said on the tin. Jill Bell

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