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Welcome to Wellstream Publishing

We are a young, enthusiastic publishing house who specialise in books of a more unusual genre and are both privileged and delighted to welcome our first celebrity author, Tina Hope-Darby

Tina, who ran a highly successful psychic consultancy, went on to become one of the top attractions on Sky Televisions, Psychics Interactive Show

When Tina first approached us to publish her book, we invited her to a preliminary meeting and were immediately blown away by her presence, depth of knowledge and her amazing insight into matters of a psychic nature; even before reading the manuscript it was clear that she was the real-deal

We made it our mission to purchase and read as many autobiographies of a similar genre, as we could find; it rarely took more than a couple of chapters to realise that nothing came close

This is a most remarkable account of a person who has trodden a path less-ordinary than most

Latest Publications

The Unseen EnemyThe Unseen Enemy

Tina Hope-DarbyWritten by Tina Hope-Darby, a clairvoyant from birth, who before becoming a top television psychic and presenter on Sky TV, ran her own highly successful psychic consultancy for more than twenty years.

The unseen enemy is a remarkable, controversial and thought provoking autobiography that will share with its readers Tina’s incredible psychic experiences; in-part humorous, horrifying, dark and enlightening, along with her highs and her lows; written from the heart in an open, frank and often humorous style, which belies the torturous events often playing out behind the scenes, even during the early stages of writing the book.

From a very young age, Tina was dogged by dark and disruptive events that impacted on every aspect of her life; events that were orchestrated by a malevolent entity that managed to remain undetected until just a couple of years ago; an entity Hell-bent on her destruction, who with ruthless efficiency pushed her to the brink of suicide.

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